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Our Energy Centers and Ascension

Postby Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan

Our Energy Centers and AscensionEvery being yearns of being reunited with the Source however one views that Source to be. This yearning pulls us down many paths and journeys to self discovery and a state of balance that allows us to awaken and then re~awaken to our higher form. The lie of separation does not prevent us from transcending the mundane and achieving the infinite. To aid us in this path to re~awakening and remembrance and to remember the limitless beings we once were, we are given points in our bodies with very specific functions that allow us to gradually raise our vibrations and ascend to our higher forms. These points are energy centers or chakras that help us balance our spirits as well as our bodies. They run in a line down the center of our bodies and govern each segment, but also a different part of spiritual development. If just one is blocked the path to ascension is halted.

Usually the blockage is something simple, such as fear caused by the confusion a newly opened chakra can cause. As physical beings we don’t always welcome change. In fact most of us fight it every step of the way.

You may wonder what this has to do with you as a vampyre, but it is because we are already on the path to ascension and thus already have a heightened vibration that we are vampyres. It is because of these centers that we are able to travel in our sleep, heal our donors, and the community that we live in. These energy points allow us to awaken, hone, and utilize abilities that others only dream of having.

The chakra that roots us to the physical plane can be found between the balls of our feet and is the grounding chakra that connects us to the earth and allows us to release energies back into the earth. We first learn to use this as a means of releasing old ideas, fears, emotions, and then later as a part of ritual as a means of returning residual energy back into the earth.

The first chakra is the root chakra found at the base of the spine or the sacral point. This center houses the kundalini energy that awakens the other centers into full potential. This is the fire of creativity, passion, and action. This is the also the location for the beginning of the ascension process as it triggers the awakening and opening of all other centers throughout the body, mind, and spirit. It is often referred to as the serpent energy for the way in which it coils around the sacral chakra.

The second chakra is located near the spleen and is the chakra of sexual energy. This houses our desires and drive to commune with other beings, even if only on a physical level. It is the desire for reunification that drives us to cleave to each other, to exchange energies, and allows this chakra to aid the fifth chakra in emotional development and experience.

The chakra that we vampyres hear the most about is the core chakra that is located within our solar plexus. Many of us automatically guard this chakra by placing our hands folded over it when we are uncomfortable. This chakra holds our basic soul energy. When this chakra opens we begin our awakening process, but it can not happen until the other previous chakras have already opened. Astral projection, out of body events, and even dream walking and in some cases even feeding does not occur until this chakra has opened as it is one of two places that the soul enters and leaves the body.

Once the soul has awakened we learn compassion, friendship, and love. We learn the truth of ourselves and those around us and it is through these experiences that our fifth chakra is opened, the heart chakra. This is the energy center of healing and limiteless compassion, but only if we allow it to remain open. Should the chakra become unbalanced through bitterness, hatred, anger, and constant strife the awakening process is stopped until the chakra is allowed to open. This is the source of healing and healers use this energy center to process their patient’s illness into a more dense form before sending it to the first chakra to be released. This is also the source of our spiritual vibrations. It performs as transmutation of information from our higher soul chakras to our higher physical chakras resulting in a vibrational flow that has density, pitch, and form. When this happens spiritual energy is transformed into physical energy that results in emotions, attachments, and bonds.

This rarely happens without the use of the throat chakra which allows communication and release to occur. It is important to use this chakra wisely as the damage that occurs is not truly to the other person but to ourself. These two chakras are perhaps the hardest to remain open because when we meet adversity we first feel emotional then we feel rational then we begin to heal. These emotions are stored here and must be released in order for the chakra to work properly. The inability to release is simply the physical body’s way of telling the spiritual body that it is not yet prepared to move on to a higher state of awareness. These physical things prevent us from moving forward spiritually. In the end they must be dealt with or the ascension process is stopped until the person has released and healed.

This center may also be used as a tool for raising the state of awareness thus heightening the vibration of the spiritual body by chanting, toning, and harmonizing the energy field to a peaceful and mindful state. When this center is open and free flowing it awakens the third eye chakra found between the two physical eyes.

When the vibrations of the soul are heightened by the fourth and fifth chakras the 6th chakra, or the third eye chakra found between the physical eyes, opens. This center allows for sensory perception and abilities to manifest by allowing the mind to perceive that which is not seen with the physical eyes. This is the home of intuition, of psychic awareness and of an awareness of something greater than the physical world around us. When this center opens we begin to see the world and the universe through new eyes as our perception of the reality we perceive begin to change.

The crown chakra is that chakra found just above the head, as if it is floating atop our head. This is the last chakra to be opened on the ascension path between the mundane world and the infinite. This chakra serves as the gate to the higher soul chakras found in the spiritual body itself. When this chakra is open, psychic abilities manifest and a greater sense of interconnectivity is felt.

When all of these centers are opened and aligned properly they awaken the next four chakra centers. These centers concern themselves with the spiritual aspects of the individual rather than the physical aspects of the other 7. They hold within them the Akashic records, past life memories, and spiritual blueprinting that determine the individual’s path to ascension. Generally there are two points in the person’s physical development that halts the process. These points are between the grounding chakra at the feet and the sacral and the point between the heart and the throat. This is because the center between the feet is the grounding point for release and so this is an important part of the process. A person who does not learn to release blocks their own path of which is the beginning point in the kundalini chakra.

The 8th chakra is found aligned above the crown chakra and is the conduit of psychic abilities and spiritual information from the higher self to the physical self. This is also the chakra that holds and maintains whatever emotions or goals that were not maintained within the previous incarnations, or our karma. It is important to remember that the universe maintains balance and does not keep cosmic tabs on our behavior. We alone are responsible for those life lessons. The purpose of karma is to allow us to release those pains and trials that left residual spots in our aura that halted our ascensions in the past so that we can learn from them and move foreward. Once the door to the physical world is closed and the one of the spiritual world is opened, the individual, their perception, and their outlook is changed forever. This is the point in your development that you begin to see the world through new eyes. Simple things trigger hours upon hours of deep thought. You begin to see the universe not as a singular thing that is far off but as something dimensional of which you are an integral part.

Once you are able to view the universe on higher level, the 9th chakra opens and your spiritual blueprint comes into play. Your blueprint is the map that you create prior to your first incarnation that holds every experience an individual may encounter and the many paths those experiences may hold. The choices that you make in physical form activate the paths made on the spiritual realm. The skills, abilities, lessons, wisdoms, and soul type (creator, healer, or teacher) are found in this chakra. Generally when a person realizes the type of soul path they have maintained (based upon how many lifetimes have been spent in each of these paths) the way becomes smoother and the transition is easier. When they fight against it, life becomes more stringent and less wisdom is gleaned from the experience.

Just as there is a pivotal point betwen the two lower chakras there are also two pivotal points in the higher chakras. The point between the 7t and the 8th chakras and the point between the 11th and 12th. The first pivotal point is the gap that must be bridged between awareness and knowing. It is the same pivotal point of enlightenment between being a specific thing and simply Being. This point begins the process by which the physical body is shed and the spiritual body is freed. In short it is the shedding of self and the loss of identity and physical boundaries.

When the tenth chakra opens the skills stored in the 9th chakra begin to flow and manifest. This is the chakra of harmony, balance, and polarity. A person can only open this chakra if they are in a position of balance between the masculine and feminine energies of the universe. This is because divine energy has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with balance. An equal presence of both energies and the acceptance and love of both energies must be present for this divine energy to flow freely and open this chakra to align the following one.

The 11th chakra begins the integration process between the soul and the spirit. The soul is that part of us that even though is pure energy, it is bound to the physical form. The spirit is that part of us that is boundless. It has no form and is vast. Nor does is have restrictions, mass, or time limitations. It is our self in the true infinite state of awareness and Oneness. On this level the glimpse of multidimensional existence that began in the 8th chakra is vastly opened to include not merely a multidimensional state of awareness but also a multidimensional view of oneself. At this point one becomes aware that time, matter, and reality are all nonexistent and instead of awareness occurring on one facet, it occurs on many as all dimensions of the self become awakened and harmonic. As one dimensional self becomes awakened abilities and memories from the 10th chakra begin to open, thus even though the 10th chakra is open it does not fully awaken until the 11th chakra has begun the ascension process.

When this happens dimensional doorways open up and we may have memories of other existences, other languages, other skills, or people. Greater instances of déjà vu and precognition or flashes of very different current lives, anticipation, fear, confusion, the feeling that one is too large for the skin they are in, or an influx of wisdom, are just a few examples of what happens when this process begins.

This is the second pivotal point in the higher levels between the 11th and 12th. At this point the soul recognizes it’s impending freedom but it has been so long in a finite form that it is unsure of the lack of mass. The emotional body responds by becoming fearful of ascending and losing that comfort zone and so a blockage may form until the energy of the person is once again stored to a balanced state and the fear has been healed and released.

The 12th chakra is the mirror image of our spiritual self. This is the highest center that triggers the transubstantiation from finite form to infinite form. This is the point of release as the physical body is shed and the spiritual body is allowed to expand into its true essence which is infinite, formless, and timeless.

It is important to remember that this process may take years, decades, and lifetimes to occur. Also remember that as humans we tend to respond to change on an emotional level that effect the process. Fear stops the process. Failure to properly maintain a grounded state, allow growth, and release harmful emotions and experiences hinders the process.

Aislin Ni MorRhiaghan, February 2008

Jan 18 2012 GYP-

Jutting out into the South China Sea, tropical Malaysia isn’t a country we here in the west hear much about. With a population of roughly twenty eight million people packed into a space slightly larger than New Mexico, it is a country of surprising Coastal plains, and jungle covered mountains. It is A mixture of natural beauty and a compact urban atmosphere.

If you are a vampire, it might seem the like a nearly perfect place to live, and it might just be that for the vampires that live in the area, if you can find any. You see even with a rich cultural diversity, “ Ethnic groups: Malay 53.3%, Chinese 26.0%, indigenous 11.8%, Indian 7.7%, others 1.2%.
Religions: Islam (60.4%), Buddhism (19.2%), Christianity (9.1%), Hinduism (6.3%), other/none (5.0%).”

There is a shockingly few amount of those who consider themselves Vampires, Otherkin or Therian. I found myself wondering why that might be, and with some luck I managed to find one of the rare individuals from that country that actually takes part in the on line vampire community.

So today we greet  Alixyveth Breyel from Malaysia.  Alix, will you tell us a little about yourself?



Alix: Well let’s see I am 22 years old and a record holder in Malaysia for endurance kickboxing, I am an alternative model and an abstract artist . I have a diploma in Early Childhood Education and I will be starting on a Psychology Degree this year. I aspire to be everything- Polymath. I was Born and raised in Malaysia. I come from a diverse family. I am part German American and part Ceylonese.

GYP: That must make things difficult. You have said before you are an Eros type vampire, I would think that is rather frowned upon in your country.


Alix: The vampire is viewed as something that does exist but as a damned spirit out of folk tales. The culture here does not generally believe in vampirism as we understand it. However, in the more rural areas we do have witch doctors and mediums that still practice folk magick. The people here do believe in the practice of magick and the paranormal.
Generally, at least in my generation and the generations before me, we were all told old wives tales, legends and about magick. If I were to practice magick it would be such an alien concept, however, to openly say that I am a human vampire would not go over very well. I don’t think they’d know how to comprehend it.



GYP: So In your culture it is the terminology that makes the difference? While people don’t believe in Human Vampires they might believe in say…energy transfere and magick?


Alix: In my culture the abilities are more accepted, yes the terminology does not fit as vampires are damned spirits. At least when I was being brought up believing in ghosts or the mystical aspects of life were not discouraged. It’s a lot better than them thinking I was mentally disturbed because I was and still am so damned intuitive. The people here do recognize the practice of magick and they believe in spirits and spirits are usually summoned and sent on their way to do their task. I have met mediums and metaphysics in Malaysia. As I have stated above, the magick that is practiced here is folk magick. While people here still visit mediums and witch doctors to the more orthodox population it is frowned upon. Due to there being a significant amount of orthodoxy in Malaysia most of these folk practices are viewed as ‘Black Magick’ because most of the time when people do go to see mediums its normally not to bring good on to others. I personally, do not believe in black or white magick. I believe magick is magick and its your responsibility to see how you use it.



GYP: So there aren’t any clubs or groups that you could join or be a part of?


Alix: There are no clubs or groups that are here. There aren’t any covens or houses either. I don’t think ive ever met another person in Malaysia who has professed to being a vampire. I do have plans to create my own movement the nature of it will most probably be some ‘radical’ form of artistic expression. I am also interested in sharing and gathering information from various people in Malaysia on their thoughts of the occult and spiritualism in general.

GYP: Do you think you would face a lot of issues if you did come out as a vampire?


Alix: If I was discreet about it I shouldn’t face any major issues.


GYP: It has to be hard to be who and what you are, and not have others you can talk too about it


Alix: Indeed it is difficult. There are other forms of oppression happening to me on a daily basis and I like to keep my night time activities to myself . I do not generally discuss vampirism with others even if I may have conversations with people on magick or the occult.

GYP: I would think that dealing with being in a Muslim country and a vampire has to be extremely stressful I have heard a lot about how Muslims feel when it comes to what they consider occult practices. Is there a lot of religious pressure?


Alix: There is a lot of religious pressure coming from the Muslims, especially. Islam in Malaysia is very close to being fanatical. For instance, there is no freedom of religion if an individual was born a Muslim they would not be able to convert to a different religion. Islam like all other orthodox religions find the practice of witchcraft or any form of occult practices to be heresy. Islam is the dominant religion in Malaysia and since the majority of the country’s ethnic population are Malay, you bet theres a hell of a lot of religious pressure. Sometimes their demands are just outrageous, a few years ago they tried to ban Yoga. Which I thought was hilarious.


GYP: I know it is hard there, and you have said before you would love to travel to other places and experience them, where would you go?


Alix: I suffer from severe wanderlust. I have been travelling for awhile now and as soon as I finish what I need to of my education. I do have plans to go back to America and visit some of my friends and family. I have always been fond of Europe and would like to go back there soon. Maybe try my hand at travel writing.


GYP: Well thank you for your time, and I look forward to speaking to you again very soon.


Alix: Thank you for talking to me, if not for the online vampire community this is a part of that I would have to keep totally hidden. I have made a lot of friends online, and though I have a hard time with some of the issues, I enjoy the people I meet. Its wonderful to muse and be mused.


Part three of this series is focused on the country of South Africa where a budding vampire community faces some the most difficult challenges one can face. “In the rural area’s they still hang people for being witches.”


They each have their stories about how they found their path. One is a lady from South Africa, another a lady from Norway. One of them is lives in a society where in order to have equal rights, she has to be registered as a Muslim, and still one more has been active in her local community for years, in the face of the public, but fairly un-noticed.

They are Sanguine Vampires, Psychic vampires, Eros and Otherkin, and they are our brethren, so to speak, from around the world. A world that is you are from an English speaking country you might not be aware of. A world that struggles in unique ways that we can sometimes relate too, but often have no way to fathom.

In this four part piece I want to explore with you the lives of four different people from our community. People you might know from your time on the blogs, or messages boards, but not realize what it is they really face in their day to day struggle just to be who they are.  

Heidica Northernlight’s profile picture is one of contemporary style and class. Perhaps exactly what you would hope to find when speaking to a 38 year old mother of three from a place called Oslo Norway. She has dark hair that hangs down to below her waist, piercings in her ears and face, but a devilish smile on her lips, and mirthful look to her green/brown eyes.

She, like a lot of us is working toward a future, not just in the community but in her daily life as well.

 I have worked with people mostly, children, old and sick. My education is similar to what you call a nurse, working with disabled, development challenged children, teaching high school students and patients with mentally disorders, that’s what I’m doing today. It includes medicine and health care. My goal is to work for Doctors without Borders. That way I can better use what I have been born with. I have worked with people in different ways, including my years in the punkrock/political activist community in Oslo, it’s the only Norwegian activist community with base in the only self ruled activity house, Blitz


 Still it is not often you seem someone in the Vampire Community who comes from a place like Norway. So I couldn’t resist the chance to talk to her a little about it.

HN:The little information about real vampires available to the Norwegian alternative community has been very poor. I am (as far as I’m aware of) the first one to speak about vampirism , and I have tried to be very careful of who I have told.”

 “I come from a family with many energy workers and psis, far back. Our family has some “Gypsy” genes, it’s not called gypsies but road people, travelling people with artistic and spiritual abilities. They do not have the best reputation, so I learned about discretion.

At the moment I am trying to find out more about my relatives, and hopefully more about why so many of them are born different. At least two of my children are born with abilities, and it’s important to me to find out how to assistant them in their own search when that time comes. But, there aren’t too many Vampires to find here, at least not many who know what they are. So it is hard to find advice.

I found the online vampire community thanks to Michelle Belanger, who did a Norwegian talk Show, and I am very grateful that she did as it helped me in my search for others. I had really hoped that her talk show would bring out others, but so far not many have come out that I can find. Michelle helped me put a name to what identified myself as. No one before that had called it being Vampiric before she appeared on that talk show, and I am very grateful she did.

To my knowledge there is not a single house, coven, or club for real vampires in Norway.

That has to be hard, is there much of a pagan community? I find that in the pagan community there are often vamps lingering but voiceless. Do you find this to be the case?

I have been looking for others for so long. The few pagans I find are very much afraid of real vampires, especially psis, they don’t see sanguine vampires as anything more than role players. It has been kind of frustrating, they either don’t believe in vamps or they fear you. It has to do with the fact very little information has been available. I am working on that, but I have to be very careful as I have children.

GYP: So you have no one outside of the OVC to talk too about your Vampirism?

HN: It has been many years before I found the OVC with no one else outside my family to talk to, and they don’t talk much about the dark side of it all. I am not giving up my search, I did find others recently, one even lives in the same neighborhood.

 GYP: How do you feel about the OVC itself? Is it a positive or negative experience?

HN: It has helped me connect with so many new friends who know what it’s like. The similarities still surprise me a lot, I thought I was alone with my need for others energy except for my own family..and I have felt ashamed of it too.
This community has helped me a lot, finding new friends and sharing the information available, I need to bring it on so that the other Norwegians who must be out there can benefit from it. And I do hope others might be willing to help me set up a Norwegian page for info and contact.

GYP: So you are trying to build something in your local area?

HN: I will continue searching for others to help me set up a Norwegian page with information for vampires. Octarine Valur ( of the South African Vampire Alliance) sent me a great deal of valuable advices and set up suggestions. I have no intentions of starting any house or etc, but if I can find more people to help I will work on a Norwegian information page. It is needed

 GYP: With such limited information where do you turn? I mentioned the Pagan community before, you said they were afraid of vampires, so what do you do?

HN:  I was thrown out of the Pagan community on line here, they were worried I would steal their energy. As for how I dealt with being thrown out of the pagan community…well..

I still participate, only now I don’t tell people what I am and I changed my name. There is still a lot of fear and misgivings about vampires in Norway.

I want to thank you Heidica, for your responses to these questions.

HN: I would like to thank Lucian Malferic, Damien Nightwalker, Amanda Hernandez, Robert Haazen, Rhea , Oculus ,RK Coon and Elzie Rose for their help and friendship.Without them welcoming me I would not have felt I belong in here .
Different vampires with different personalities, we dont agree on everything but I love them all 🙂

  In next piece we will be talking to a woman from Malaysia, a model, artist and surprisingly enough an aspiring school teacher. Who just happens to be an Eros Vampire, and registered Muslim.

Faith is believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.” – Voltaire

For many humans, faith is the strongest motivating factor in their life. We all have faith – we have faith that tomorrow will come, faith that we will wake up when that tomorrow comes, and faith that things we cannot see are there. When asked about faith, many do not stop to think beyond their religious beliefs, but it really is more than that. This is especially true for those of us within the Real Vampire Community – we have faith that we are not really crazy; that someday, science will be able to explain why we need this additional something from outside of ourselves. Some within the community even have faith that one day; perhaps soon, there will be a cure for our needs.

Let me preface this interview with the following: I believe that no religious opinion is wrong – for the person who holds that belief. We all walk our path differently, be it as vampire, kin, friend, lover, or believer. Those of us on the GraveYard Press staff are not here to belittle anyone for their beliefs or non-beliefs. What we are interested in here, is just learning more about those within our community. And we want to know how our personal beliefs tie in with the community: how we interact with others, how we approach our needs, and how we incorporate our faith into our needs, or vice versa. We do hope that you will enjoy this series of interviews and tune in as each one is posted…

Our first guest is Azraelina Sahjaza,

Hello and thank you very much for agreeing to this interview. I know that religion is a very personal topic, one that many of us are not willing to discuss with others. It is especially difficult to discuss with those outside our respective religious circles as not everyone is open to beliefs other than their own.

GYP: Will you please start us off by explaining your vampirism? Are you sang or psi?
AS: I am a Necro-Vampire; I feed off the necromantic energy in the cemetery from earth bound spirits with the permission of my angel Azrael, the angel of death. So I would have to call myself Psi.

GYP: Do you only feed from necromantic energies in cemeteries?
AS: Yes. My feeding is from necromantic energy in the cemetery. I can go into a cemetery feeling tired and drained and after coming out, I feel alive again. It is like a form of being revived from a long, sluggish sleep. The Spirits in the cemetery provide me with {Spiritual energy} that I cannot get from living people. If I go to a club and feed off the energy there, I come back home with very bad headaches that last for days. At times I do crave the blood of meat, like a steak cooked medium rare, or raw roast beef; and at times that can be used as a replacement source if I do not go to the cemetery, but it is not the same as the Necro-energy that I get in the cemetery. That is much more powerful.

GYP: Thank you! And what faith do you follow?
AS: I am a Roman Catholic

GYP: Not everyone is familiar with Roman Catholicism, so can you explain a little about it to us? Especially how it might differ from or compare to “plain old” Catholicism.
AS: The Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church refers to Rome. The term Catholic Church means “Universal”. There are other churches that call themselves “Catholic” but are distinct from the church that is usually considered the Catholic Church (that is, the church led by the pope at the Vatican). The term “Roman Catholic” may be used to distinguish this church from the other separate churches (such as the Old Catholic Church).

Roman Catholicism is the largest denomination of the Christian religion. According to New World Encyclopedia, there are 1.1 billion Roman Catholics on the planet. While Roman Catholics are the largest group of Christians, slightly less than half of all Christians are Protestant, or Evangelical. The Greek Orthodox is also Catholic, but not Roman Catholic.

GYP: Do you attend regular services?
AS: Yes I do, and as often as I can. Sometimes I attend weekly; sometimes I attend a few times a week.

GYP: How long have you followed this particular path?
AS: This is the religion that I was baptized in, so I have been a practicing Roman Catholic all of my life. But I also practice the Religion of Spiritualism, as I am drawn to the Spirits of the dead, and I have a very strong belief in life after death and an interest in developing my mediumship.

GYP: Have you ever experienced anything that might have shaken your faith, or caused you to doubt?
AS: The answer to that is yes, many times I struggle with the “what if” concept, suppose there is nothing after death?? Suppose Death is the end?? Suppose I will never see my deceased parents again?? I have prayed to God and have not gotten any answer and I ask myself why?? These things do put doubts in my mind: that perhaps nothing exists! That maybe I was taught wrong. That question is always in the back of my mind, I don’t believe that anyone can have 100% solid faith at all times. But when I feel that way I pray about it, meditate on it, and I read and search for answers. And the answers are deep inside of me, meaning that I must go on several things: my instincts, my Intuition which is an inner knowing if something is real or it isn’t? And also signs from the Universe, sometimes God allows certain things to happen to test our faith and see how strong we are. Then he can send people to give us signs and messages when we pray, or little things happen that maybe we say are just a coincidence when in fact they are signs from God showing us how to find our answers to life’s questions. Sometimes people are just too caught up in their own lives or in their own world and cannot recognize the signs that God does send to them. But what always brings me back to my faith is when I look at the universe, the stars, the moon, the planets, people, animals, nature I know this had to be created by a Supreme being, as I don’t believe in the big bang theory that this just appeared out of thin air, that is just not logical for me. And also to not believe, I would lose my sanity as the thought of ceasing to exist without an afterlife is a horrible thought for me. And Jesus himself said if you have faith even as small as a mustard seed you can move mountains and do even greater works than I, and that alone chases away any doubts that I may have about my faith.

GYP: Do you ever feel that your vampiric needs are contrary to the teachings of your religion?
AS: No I don’t for the simple reason the Catholics speak to the dead all the time when they invoke mother Mary and the Saints to intercede on their behalf for their personal problems. I only do what is natural I feed from the energy from the spirits as I am a Necro-Vamp.

GYP: Do you incorporate your religion into your vampirism?
AS: No I see Vampirism and Religion as two different things. Being a Vampire is a condition of the soul, a condition that I was born with and had No choice in the matter, Religion is a belief system that we have in a specific God or Deity that we pray to or worship.

GYP: You mention your angel, Azrael. Do you feel that Azrael is an angel assigned to you, like a guardian? Did Azrael come to you, or did you seek him out?
AS: Yes Azrael has been with me since birth, I do believe that he is an assigned angel to me, as we all have our guardian angels and demons that are assigned to us at birth and they remain with us up until death.

GYP: Finally, you mention being drawn to the spirits of the dead. Do you perform any rituals to communicate with these spirits?
AS: Yes I am in the process of developing my mediumship, I go to cemeteries and I do commune with these undead spirits, I go to the grave sites, sit down offer them some food, drink then I begin to meditate. I ask them many questions and I tell them things about me. Generally after when I come home in the evening at night when I am sleeping these same spirits will commune with me via dreams. Sometimes they even summon me to go to the cemetery, as many times the dead do need a visit from the living. Many of these spirits are forgotten souls that family doesn’t visit anymore. And I generally serve the dead, as I am an Azraelite, one who works with Azrael and one who spends as much time as possible in the cemetery as this is my calling.

Interview from the Outside In

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Guardian, 25, lives in Norwalk, California, and got involved with the community by chance 3 years ago. He is not a donor, nor vampyre, therian, or otherkin and thus may be considered an “outsider”.

So how many years have you been involved with the vampyre community?

“I started researching it 3 years ago but I actually got in touch with some a year and a half ago. I’ve been here ever since.”

Oh? And what spurred that research?

“Well a friend of mine had told me about an experience she had once that had her research it. So I decided I wanted to as well since I was in speech and debate at the time. I wanted to see if I could shed some positive light on the subject for people who were skeptical. “

I remember you mentioning that, that is when you started used the Vampyre/Donor database to contact vampyres, yes?

“Correct. I found an entire contact list and sent an email to everyone who had contact information. I got a few responses yet only two were actually helpful,  Akhu and my new friend, Flair. All the rest didn’t really know what to say or didn’t respond at all.”

Do you still have your research paper by chance?

“I do but sadly I wasn’t able to use any of the information I had found. It’s actually one of the main reasons why I gave up on the speech and quit the team aside from getting a job. My coach didn’t like that it had nothing to do with a disease or anything like that so she told me it wouldn’t be competitive. I was highly upset with this as I had spent a year researching the topic.

So as soon as I got a job I quit the team. But I had made up my mind to do that based on my coach telling me what she did.”

And what team was that?

Cerritos College Speech and Debate. Phi Rho Pi.”

Where you a student or employee on the team?

“Student. Employees can’t compete unless they are students.”

Could you explain in what direction you were going in and how it contrasted from what she wanted?

“I wanted to shed light on the community in a positive way and show that vampyres are not meant to be shunned and feared but treated just like everyone else. My coach said that to be competitive my speech should be about a disease or some incredible advancement that would benefit mankind. She said that no one would take my topic seriously or they just wouldn’t care since it didn’t directly effect them. I tried to tell her that she was wrong as there could possibly be members of the community in speech and debate and she wouldn’t know it. Her argument was that one or two people isn’t enough. If it doesn’t have anything to do with the world as a whole no one will care.”

The community has had issues with that sort of discrimination for awhile, what kept you involved after the paper though?

“Two very interesting people that I consider to be friends. Plus I know what it is like to be shunned for being different and feared for not being like everyone else.

Plus I found that I was around the community without even realizing it.”

Could you explain how you know what it’s like to be shunned for being different?

“I have ADHD and Aspergers. I was diagnosed with ADHD at 5 years old but I wasn wasn’t diagnosed with Aspergers until 15. So people really didn’t understand me or know what to do with me. I was also the tallest kid in class so I stuck out and the other kids like to torment me to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore and would blow up at them and then I would get in trouble ’cause I was always the one to get caught.

It got so bad that in 8th grade the principle didn’t know what to do with me anymore so she tried to have me home schooled. Plus I was really sheltered as a kid so I wasn’t very street smart so when I heard something and repeated it I would always be made fun of for using it the wrong way.”

Sorry to hear that, how did you find you were around the community without knowing so?

“An ex-girlfriend of mine was actually involved in the community and might have even been a donor. I had actually met a few vampyres through her without even knowing it.

Once I found out about the community, I found out that a friend of mine is actually a psychic vampyre. She said she once tried to feed on me on accident ‘cause she had no real control at the time but she found that she wasn’t able to. That’s when I found out from a mentor of mine that I was born with a shield that protects me from such things.”

That tends to be the case, most people have swam with a shark without knowing it as well. Have you been to any events within the community as of yet?

“Sadly no, the club that my ex liked to go to that I found out was owned by a vampyre had to close due to money issues. I’m not as well informed as I wish I could be. Since quitting my team I have only been in contact with Akhu and Flair. My psy friend has moved to the east coast and we don’t talk as much as we used to.

I would be honored to be put into the loop and informed of events if I could be but I don’t feel right just finding the local house and asking to be kept in the loop. I feel that it’s something that has to be earned if you don’t actually belong to the community as a member, sort of like a trust thing if you will.”

It is true, houses would be wary of non members due to safety issues for in person events.

So, any stories you have for us from involment in the community?

“Just that I’ve met two amazing people that I am very honored to call my friends.”

And from what you’ve seen, what’s your take on the community?

“I have a lot of respect for the community as a whole. They do what they can to make sure that their members feel welcome and safe. I like that there is a code of ethics that the members can all live by. I just wish I could help people stop fearing the community and accepting everyone for who they are as a person and nothing more.”

From what I’ve heard you’ve been helping in your own way, you have been keeping in touch with a Mradu, yes?

[A Mradu is the community’s version of “guardians” or “peacekeepers” within their own circles. Using the Black Veil, or personal morality, as guidelines they work to ensure the group is safe and the members maintain ethical standards. One of their main purposes is to ensure there are no unwilling donors and that willing donors are treated properly.]

“I try to do my best. As a guardian I cannot tolerate people hurting others for their own amusement or personal gain. So when I learned that a psychic vampyre was attempting to feed off of someone that I love deeply without her permission I took that rather personal so I found a Mradu and reported him.”

And by referring to yourself as a guardian, what do you mean?

“I was wondering when you were going to ask about that. I am a guardian of the balance of light and dark. We protect the balance. I am in the third circle. Hard to explain. We are currently working on ways to fix what has happened in the last fifteen or so years to tip the scale to darkness.”

And what happened 15 years ago to cause that tip?

“We believe it has something to do with the leaders of the supreme nations. They have become increasingly greedy and are seriously messing with the worlds economy and natural balance. Yes this is something that has been happening time and time again but now it is worse than ever. We aren’t even sure how to reverse it.”

Any ideas how this would affect the community?

“What’s bad for the world is bad for the community. Everyone is effected by this. It could lead to more aggressiveness towards anyone. There is a huge possibility that it could set things back a ways to where you will have to double or even triple your efforts to become accepted. But I strongly implore the community to not lose hope and not give up trying. You all deserve to be respected like everyone else.”

Do you have any advice for anyone interested in getting to know more on the community?

“Research everything. Don’t trust everything. Some people know what they are talking about and some don’t have a clue. Make sure you aren’t looking up stuff about a RPG like I kept finding. Yes, it will be frustrating but once you find what you are looking for it is very rewarding. If you find a way to get in touch with anyone from the community listen to everything they have to say. They may know stuff or they may not but they can tell you what it is like for them. Trust me it is rewarding.”

[The names of those involved have been changed in this article due to saftey reasons.]

A Dangerous Precedent

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Graveyard Press- Dec 21 2011

When Stephanie Pistey “ Vampire Girl” joined the growing lists of media called “Vampire” crimes no one suspected that she would end up causing what could be a watershed moment in the vampire and otherkin community.  No one expected the girl who lead four others into luring 16 year old boy to a remote area and then to commit a grisly killing, would step forward and make such a bold claim. “Since I was like 12 every fiber in my body, basically everything, I know this is going to be crazy, but I believe that I’m a vampire and part werewolf.”

The trouble with her statement is that in her case, the mental health community, and Judge James Fensom fully believed her. The judge and mental health workers didn’t believe  that she was a vampire and part werewolf, but they did believe she sounded crazy. The Judge ruled that “Vampire Girl” was mentally unfit to stand trial for her crimes.

What do we make of this ruling of this precedent?

Is this simply a legal savvy way of laying the ground work, and paving the way to a not guilty by reason of insanity plea? It wouldn’t seem so, after all no one sucked the blood out of the victim (Jacob Hendershot) that we know of, and it doesn’t look like any werewolves devoured any of his flesh, in all reality there is no indication that vampirism or being a werewolf had anything to do with the murder. Claiming you are a vampire or werewolf doesn’t explain these murders, and it doesn’t mean you are not sane.

The issue however is not if you are sane or not, the issue is that someone claimed these things and has now been ruled mentally unfit to stand trial.  While most Americans most likely rolled their collective eyes at the legal gamesmanship, the people who are involved in the Vampire and Otherkin community might want to consider a more sober reaction.  Legal gamesmanship aside, this case has just put forward a legal precedent that says if you claim you are a vampire or otherkin you could very well be ruled mentally unfit.

I spoke early this week to a source who due to pending legal issues asked to be named only R. R is a respected member of his community, well thought of in the school in which he teaches he has also been fairly open about his vampire beliefs. “Well I don’t talk about it to my students, that wouldn’t be right.”

  In past years R. has been involved in a divorce and custody battle within the court systems. “The Lawyers for my ex-wife brought up my vampire beliefs and used that as a means to show I am not a suitable parent. The Judge ruled that he felt it was in the kid’s best interest not to have someone of my lifestyle and belief system to have primary custody of the children. It broke my heart.”

When I asked him how he deals with the knowledge that he was ruled against based on his belief system he said,

“I learned a lot from that encounter, and I did manage to hold on to the right to visitation unsupervised, but I was shocked that it even came up. I mean the very idea that because of my vampire beliefs I might not have the right to see my kids without some minder watching over me as if I were some kind of a criminal was crushing, fortunately I  had a good lawyer who showed the courts I wasn’t any kind of a threat, and that Vampirism is a euphemism. But why should it even be considered a threat?”

“Why?” Is a good question, but perhaps this sheds a little light on the subject. February 2 2011 the MorningStarr reports

 “Bloke bites toddler after watching True Blood!”

There is of course other news articles like “Police say Girl Bitten while Watching Twilight Movie” and “Man Bites Woman and claims to be a 500 year old Vampire!”

Most of these articles are pure media sensationalism, but the court system see’s it a little differently. “The fact is, with these oddball claims, I’m obligated to check under that rock, so to speak,” Stephenson, (Stephanie Pistey’s lawyer) said, referring to the evaluation.”

With precedent of this type coming out of a criminal investigation it paves the way for conservative judges to withhold the rights of parents as they “Check under that rock” based solely off what the court officials consider “Oddball Claims”

With continued legislation like the Patriot act, and the The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, which passed the senate despite the misgivings about the sections that would require military detention of some citizens if they are suspected of terrorism, I think it is clear that our normal civil liberties are under assault, and that doesn’t even consider the new views as they present themselves to the court system.

With the changes we are seeing in the legal system, and politics perhaps it is time to reconsider just how out in the public eye we want to be, and if we decided to venture out into the public eye, that we have some real understanding just how that works. TV shows will edit what you, and they will edit it for the most sensational aspects possible, to them it is merely ratings that matter. You don’t risk doing a daytime talk show on your own, you risk the perception of how the whole community is seen, and how the courts see us. You could risk a lot more if you have kids, or a profession dependant on good social standing.

While we have every individual right to say and show what we please of our community, take a moment and consider what you say and do in on line communities, those stupid statements don’t go away.  If you run a forum, or website understand that more and more courts are making site owners turn over their logs and all documents in pending court cases. What you say, and how you allow your members to behave, will have an impact on more than just your standing in the community, it can have a very serious impact for people like R. who will be fighting once again to keep his kids in court as his former inlaws scream about the bad influence of “That oddball” who claims to  be a vampire…and now there is a legal precedent were a judge ruled such Odd ball statements are a means for long term mental health assessments and competency hearings.




Interview with a Vampire Combat Vet

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Interview with a Vampire Vet

by Deacon Gray

-Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho

Before  T. Senior Master Sergeant ,leaves for the day he changes out of the groomed camouflage suit that is the everyday uniform of Air Force and into ”civvies” — in T.’s case, black jeans and a blood red T-shirt. It is normal for a Airmen to change clothes before leaving the base; by shedding his “cammies,” T. leaves behind the obligation to salute other Airmen in uniform. But for T., the change is also symbolic: as a Airmen who isVampiric, he looks forward to the end of each workday as a reprieve from hiding part of himself from everyone around him.

These days most of his time is spent sitting at a desk doing more administrative work then anything else, but this wasn’t always the case. Before settling in at Mountain Home, T. was part of an Air Force’s elite security forces squadron. “Four, six month tours, three in Iraq and one in Afghanistan.”

Unless you saw him at some gathering in New Orleans, or new York you probably would never see his darker side. “That’s the way it has to be. I am a professional, and you have to learn to balance your day side and your night side, without destroying either one. It is just part of having a professional career. For the most part the Military doesn’t care If you are different, as long as you do your job and don’t make a fuss.”

Balancing the different aspects of who and what he is, “I am a sanguine vampire, couldn’t you tell by my teeth and pale skin?” can be very difficult for all of us, but what happens when you take that aspect, that darker side outside of the dayside office and into a 24/7 combat environment?

I won’t say it was easy for me, also a combat vet, to even find very many vamps who have shared this experience. Most of the vamps and otherkin I have met that have served in combat zones really didn’t want to talk about it. “The day side is the day side my friend, not very many people are like you, hell you are nearly OUT.” But, in the resent search I found one who was willing to sit down over coffee and discuss the issues he faced overseas as a sanguine vampire.

For the interview we will call him simple “T” as he doesn’t want his day or night side name used. “Some people can mix those aspects of their life, I would prefer not to. People in my nightside life don’t need to know what I do for a living. I honestly think they would hold it against me.”

DG: Do you feel that the Vampire Community wouldn’t accept that you are military?

T: It isn’t that I think they would sneer, well not all of them, but I do think that people sometimes get vindictive on the internet and if they could get back at me by embarrassing me, they just might. I have watched others on line, you among them who says proudly that they are in the military only to have someone who is pissed off at you speak badly about your service or doubt your service completely. I personally won’t deal with that kind of thing very well. I personally would end up saying or doing something that might impact me on the dayside. You cannot trust the internet.

Me: I can understand that. So lets change topics, tell me about what it was like as a sanguine vampire in a combat zone for six months?

T: I was thrilled to get the chance, the first time, to go over there. I wanted to do something good, something that would matter in my life. Until you are really in the position to make a real difference in something, you really can’t know what that is like. When I took my patrol out on the roads looking for IED’s we often found them and got them dis-armed.

We stopped someone from getting killed. It is really that simple, if we had not been there doing the job someone would have died as a respect of that bomb. For a while the pace and adrenaline kept my head swimming and focused. I didn’t think much about my Sanguine needs, I just went day to day, but stuff happens and pretty soon people around me started noticing that I wasn’t as sharp as I should be. Oh sure we had energy drinks, and I got plenty of sleep and exercise, but I was dragging ass.

I think it was at the four month mark that I started to really get the feel of what I was missing. There really just isn’t any way around it and for me nothing I used as a substitute really worked. It would be a lie to say that acted my best, or did the right thing 100% of the time. I didn’t.

Thinking about the mission was always at the fore front of my mind, but thinking about blood started creeping up a lot more. I decided I had to do something so I took a Army Combat Lifesaver course, it gave me the chance to do administer IV’s and while not really ethical I did get a taste or two. It helped and people noticed.”

Me: That sounds…well gross. I mean I know the military has high standards when it comes to STD’s but still. Didn’t you worry about getting caught or sick?”

T: Of course I did. You never realize just how isolated you are from everyone as you do when you are in combat forced to live in tight quarters without a means to be yourself. You never forget what will happen if you present who you really are to others.

I was keenly aware that if I got caught, the psych docs would have me under observation for months, and the notes would be in my file for years. Hell I could have gotten a full psych retirement, but that’s not really what I was after. I just wanted to feel like myself again. I wanted my edge back, feeling like a knife whose blade has been blunted by the pressure of service isn’t a good feeling. Being in charge of troops made it harder yet.

Me: You said you served four of these six month tours, that’s two years of dealing with the same issue. You must have devised some plan, some method for coping with it.

T: I did at some point in the second tour. Our unit had a service member come in as a logistics officer. She was a great lady with bright eyes and a tempting little smile. I don’t know what it was but I knew her right away, and she picked up on me pretty quick too. Some people call it the Beacon, but I think that’s bull. I think your eye just finds the familiar, and we were familiar to each other. It helped that she work a bladed Ankh ring.

As it turns out she wasn’t one of us at all, but she was well versed in our community. It took a little time but eventually she came to me offering to be a donor. She was with the unit for the following tours but her rank eventually got in the way. It’s a long story ending in marriage and bloodshed, in a good way.

Me: that can’t be the answer for everyone though. Do you have any advice for other soldiers?

T: You know that is hard to speak about even anonymously. I think I would say really lean to conserve yourself. Energy feeding might not be an option for everyone, but energy conservation is. We can learn not to burn up so much of ourselves. I think anything more than that and people would have to ask me one on one.

Me: Finally, would you suggest a military career for someone who is a Sanguine vampire?

T: You know I would. I would just be sure to tell them to really be certain of which field you get into. In the medical field a lot of these issues are non-starters. You can get blood just by asking your buddies to let you practice your blood draw skills. It isn’t as easy for say a truck driver or cook. No matter what you have to be careful. Even the pagan groups don’t support vamps, and no liberal group is going to come out screaming for vampire equal rights. You simply won’t see the ACLU taking up your case.

You have to be aware of your career, aware that bad things can happen to you professionally, and then consider if that risk is something reasonable when you are in a combat environment. Do you really need another thing to worry about?

In our community the vamps inside it don’t really support you if you are vet. The moment you are gone, you are forgotten, when you get back they think everything will be the same. Facebook hellos just don’t mean as much when you are isolated.

Me: Well thank you for talking to me today, I would love to ask you more, but I think I have already made this longer than most people would like. I do have one more question for you if you don’t mind me asking. Do you feel a special kinship with the Gay and Lesbian’s in the military?

T:  You know what, there are assholes of every sexuality, and there are good people in every sexuality. The thing is this, gays can come out of the closet now, and I am so excited to hear about that for them, to see that they can stop hiding if they want too. I can’t help but to also know that in my regard that simply isn’t going to happen.


We must have talked for more than two hours after the interview and chiefly what I got from him was this. There are certain struggles only combat vets will ever face to face, but that is a choice they made when they signed up. We each have to do what we need to, but we cannot forget the bigger picture and the impact our choices make on those around us. You cannot decide to become a vampire, but you can decide to really research where your choices can lead you, and what can happen as a result of your vampire side.



-note: Thank you to T. for agreeing to let me write this piece. I know there are a lot of issues you are dealing with, and I hope the 3 hours were a reprieve not an aggravating factor.

Goddess of Nature

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Goddess Of Nature.

A Brisk Cool Breeze Stirs The Auburn Leaves,

Teardrops Fall As A Mother Grieves, Unhappy Clouds Go Rolling By As If To Hurry Before They Cry……. But Their Haste Is In Vain, Tears Can Not Be Held Back…..And Fall Like Rain.

And As If In A Final Gesture Goodbye To Summer……. Waves The Brittle Branches Of The Trees, Yielding To The Whim Of The North Wind, And All Shades Of Golden Brown Sways And Bends.

It Is An Exotic Dance Of Nature So Pleasing And Sweet…… Where Each Year She Unties Her Dress And Lets It Fall To Her Feet. Beautiful Are Each Seasons Of The Earth And All Unique, To Remind Us Of Death And Rebirth.

The Wind Blowing Through The Trees Can Calm My Soul And Bring Me To My Knees, The Elusive Whirl Winds Of Fall Can Carry Away The Sadness, And Return My Smile And Mirth. ~Contesa

We Are All Goddesses Of Nature, Of Death And Rebirth, We Are The Creative Force, We Are The Strong…. And The Enduring.

Permission To Reprint Granted With Full Credit Given The Author: Contesa Yelizaveta Zboril Copyrighted 2010

This was written by Contessa Yelizaveta Zboril, a member of the community who hosts a nightly radio program, Voice of the Dragon at

Please, stop by for a listen; call in!