Med Sangs, and their Damn Partition!

Posted: Friday, 30 September, 2016 by deacongray in Uncategorized

Blood Samples


A few years ago CJ Itlan stood bravely up ( in the form of an article) and raised her voice calling for the partition between the Greater Vampire Community (GVC) as coined by Belfaazar Ashantison, and those who no longer wish to be consider part of the Vampire community, or the term Vampire in any way at all.

The basis of her feeling is that, “In all seriousness, there is no utility to [the] vampire identity for us, so why keep a direct connection?” Or, as Alexia Ashford stated, “Anyone who doesn’t not fit into the mainstream VC umbrella does not find support or help here. I don’t care what anyone else does.” She further added, “Most med sangs have already gone a long time ago. I believe people should be free to follow their own associations and pursue their own causes, without hostility.”

This on-going effort has been tough to tackle over the years, with calls of “cowards” for not being able to face criticism, to “elitist pricks” by others. The real criticism isn’t their beliefs about what they are, it’s about their determination to throw up dividers in the community. Isn’t it there that the hostility can really be found? But, perhaps people aren’t really thinking this through.

Belfazaar’s coined term, the “Greater Vampire Community,” was always meant to be an inclusive term. I was recently asked if F13, Classicals, and even Skeptics are part of the community if the term is so inclusive, and to be honest in their own way yes, fringe elements to be certain, but they are there. It also includes Sexual vampires, Lifestylers, and many others…it’s a community not a club.


As I have said many times, “Why are you still here, if you’re going keep declaring year after year that you’re leaving?” I find it at least a little hypocritical that their belief seems to be “We all need to leave, but not me I’m staying, you guys go! I’ll keep an eye on these devils!”

Well, I think I have a pretty good answer for that. These declarations aren’t really even put out for the VC. They are not for US.  They’re a recruiting tool. They are made to help, as CJ said, and I’ll paraphrase “to persuade med sangs to go to where they can find support and education, and disregard all this other hooey.” That they respond to the criticism at all has more to due with human nature at being called out, rather then any real interest in what we have to say.

I can see their point actually, even if I find it a somewhat futile effort. Segments have been breaking off for this very reason for years, but seldom do they stay gone. Even if they do, people pretty much set those names in the back of their head and welcome them back if and when they return.

Still, as I said, I can see their point. There is nothing wrong exploiting the community they dislike by  keeping their eyes out for others who might need the same support, and education, with out the influence of outside support that isn’t effective. There really isn’t anything wrong with the idea of working inside your own element, organization, house, clan, coven or what have you, and in the end, this really isn’t any different.

So, I wish them luck in their efforts, and I hope to, one day, hear they got an answer to their question, and can move past this point in their lives. Until then, like it or not, I still accept you as part of the community, but don’t worry…I won’t tell anyone.

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