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Rosa Moribunda, a Haiku

Posted: Saturday, 11 August, 2012 by anyarakoczy in Poetry

Rosa Moribunda©  by Anya Ligeia Rakoczy


White rose of mourning

Fades, dies, falls; and blooms again

In crimson passion.

The Lady and the Dragon Lord©

Posted: Tuesday, 17 April, 2012 by deacongray in Poetry, The Writer's Circle
Anya Ligeia Rakoczy
The Lady and the Dragon Lord©
She slips, unnoticed, from the castle keep,
The cliffs she walks beneath a crescent moon.
Plucking the petals of a blood red rose,
And weeping for the love she lost too soon.The knight who sought her hand forever lost,
Her father’s men lay ambush, he was slain.
Without him, she is desolate and lost
Her heart a jewel refined by love and pain.

The beating of great wings blows back her hair.
She drops the rose in terror, turns to run.
Claws in her shoulder light but holding fast:
“Turn back to me, my love, my darling one.”

His scales shine crimson, hellfire in his eyes,
Wings span the sky and blot the moon and stars
“Know you not me,” his voice the softest growl,
“I said I would return, and here you are.”

Trembling, she looks into his glowing eyes
The promise that he made revealed anew.
He lifts the rose and puts it in her hand
“My darling.” She is awestruck. “It is you.”

“I am no longer gentle knight nor man,
My promise have I kept for good or ill.
I shall not stay, you cannot love me now
Bid me farewell, but know I love you still.”

With gentle hand she strokes his armored skin
“I am your lady always, you my lord;
Take me tonight, where you dwell, so shall I.
You are my Love, my Knight, my Shield and Sword.”

(dedicated to the One who is my Shield and my Sword, this 17th day of April, 2012)

Once Again

Posted: Tuesday, 27 December, 2011 by deacongray in Poetry

Here we sit. You’re there and I’m here.
You read the words I write. You judge, You condemn, and You listen.
We are you. We are I.
We breathe, We laugh, We love.
Listen to Me now. I roar. I scream. I beg. I plead.
I please. I bleed. I anger.
I cry. I love. I despise.
You rant. You flaunt. You dote.
I refuse to give in. You refuse to grant success.
I? I refuse to die here. I refuse to die now.
Tomorrow boasts a sunrise so beautiful it blinds.
Tomorrow boasts a sunset so tragic, I cry.
Yesterday is the nothingness of memories.
Yesterday is the day I fell in love with you all over again.
Today is Mine. Today is Yours.
Today, I take over the world.
Today, I send You my love.
Through it all, I have You.
Through it all, I am still Me.
Through it all, I refuse to Hate.


© Mikyla Abigor, 2007

Goddess of Nature

Posted: Thursday, 24 November, 2011 by deacongray in Poetry
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Goddess Of Nature.

A Brisk Cool Breeze Stirs The Auburn Leaves,

Teardrops Fall As A Mother Grieves, Unhappy Clouds Go Rolling By As If To Hurry Before They Cry……. But Their Haste Is In Vain, Tears Can Not Be Held Back…..And Fall Like Rain.

And As If In A Final Gesture Goodbye To Summer……. Waves The Brittle Branches Of The Trees, Yielding To The Whim Of The North Wind, And All Shades Of Golden Brown Sways And Bends.

It Is An Exotic Dance Of Nature So Pleasing And Sweet…… Where Each Year She Unties Her Dress And Lets It Fall To Her Feet. Beautiful Are Each Seasons Of The Earth And All Unique, To Remind Us Of Death And Rebirth.

The Wind Blowing Through The Trees Can Calm My Soul And Bring Me To My Knees, The Elusive Whirl Winds Of Fall Can Carry Away The Sadness, And Return My Smile And Mirth. ~Contesa

We Are All Goddesses Of Nature, Of Death And Rebirth, We Are The Creative Force, We Are The Strong…. And The Enduring.

Permission To Reprint Granted With Full Credit Given The Author: Contesa Yelizaveta Zboril Copyrighted 2010

This was written by Contessa Yelizaveta Zboril, a member of the community who hosts a nightly radio program, Voice of the Dragon at

Please, stop by for a listen; call in!