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No Good Event, goes off without bitching

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Editorial by Deacon Gray

1/17/2015 (c) GYPPromotor

Over the last several years there has been a trend toward demonizing those individuals that promote and develop many of the events we like to attend. The Court of Lazarus puts of consistent events for their area and have been for years, but if you ask the OVC about the Court of Lazarus, you hear nothing but mindless bitching. (Mindless because nearly none of them have actually attended the events.)

The same thing can be said about pretty much any event organizer or promotor out there though. Look at Austin, their court has been going strong for a year or so, few have actually attended those events, but the voices we do hear pretty much just complain about there being a court King and Queen. ( Not they never said they were the King and Queen of vampires in Austin.)

More recently we see places like the Iron Garden Court coming together after years as sleep. Before their first event has even kicked off, there have been several people bitching and complaining. Why? Why is there always so much vitriol about these events? I mean a basic scan of google shows so many events its insane, so what is it that people are complaining about?

“Have you seen how self-aggrandizing they are? They think their shit doesn’t stink! How dare they think they are better than other people!”

My favorite lately was in response to the interview I wrote about the Iron Garden Court. Someone who made a fast profile and listed themselves as IGREGENT stuck around just long enough to bitch about the events, but not so long as to actually step up and identify who they were.  For all I know they were the original IG Regent, but if so the cowardly pot shot didn’t really serve much of a purpose.

There are some self-aggrandizing people in the community, and they have nearly always become a real hindrance to the community as a whole in my opinion.


The thing is this, the people who promote events and gatherings can’t be “In the shadows” they have to be out there building up the event, and they have to build themselves up as well if they want the event to be successful. Sure, in the end they would love for the event to have a life of its own, like Sturgis, but in the short term you have to have those people out there who can help draw others out.


Let me give you an example. Here in my area we have a awesome promotor named Ginger. Ginger promotes events in Boise and in Seattle. She does a pretty damn good job of it, but everyone knows that if Ginger isn’t there personally, the event isn’t going to be as good.  People also know that Ginger isn’t the leader of the pagan community. She is a promotor, some of the leadership of the pagan community attend her events, but they are not threatened by the promotor.
There is nothing wrong with being a good promotor, of self-aggrandizing to an extent. It becomes an issue when people start thinking that they are the event, that they are the important aspect that is the community.  When promotors start to use their own credibility as “power”, it becomes an issue for the community as a whole. When people confuse promotors with community leaders, it becomes a disaster.


You see there is nothing wrong with someone being a good promotor, and nothing wrong with being a strong community leader, but they don’t have to be the same thing, and normally aren’t. If they work together a lot of great things can happen, but if they struggle for control, you can be certain only destructive waves will build.


Our community is no different. Sure we have our big time promotors. People like Todd, Like Maven  Lore, or the people in the Austin Court. That’s great, are they highly respected as knowledgeable in the community? Do you look to them for education? Perhaps you do, but even the one who tries to be a teacher that I mentioned, gets most of his stuff from other people who actually DO know what they are talking about.


Great events are created by great team work amongst promotors, artists and attendees, and unless you want to be the one who is OUT THERE, don’t bitch about people self-aggrandizing.  Think about the time, energy and effort that goes into these things. Think about the people constantly complaining, the venue owners making demands, the band or entertainment that you have to gather, and hope they do a good job.

I am not a promotor…don’t want to be one either, but just think about it for a moment and give credit where credit is do. If you aren’t willing to do the work yourself, perhaps silencing your criticism would be of more use than the constant bitching.

An Interview with the Iron Garden Court

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Iron Garden


A Safe Haven For New Jersey’s Nightkind Community


31 December 2014 © GYP all rights reserved

By Deacon Gray

Just down the street from City Café Bar and Restaurant on Mulberry street,  sits a brick building rimed in purple  the initials QXT are printed in yellow above what appears to be a portal to some unknown world.



Inside the  lights are low, the music thumps and black lights reflect off people in corsets wearing gothic colors and enticing make up. In one corner a sign reads “Custom Fangs by Sideshow Jack” and to your immediate right a pleasant bar tender mixes concoctions to sate those thirsts so easily built on the dance floor.


You have arrived at QXT’s and the Iron Garden Court is in full swing, the night is young and the vampires are out on the dance floor. I could write this whole article about the environment alone, and the gods know I could write twice as much about the beautiful people that inhabit this mystical place, but…that’s not why I am writing today. Instead I’m writing about the Iron Garden Court itself.


Where did it come from, who runs it, how is it any different than any other so called Court out there? Lucky for me Sir Traveler Asura-MacPhee, one of the founders of the feast,agreed to take some time and answer a few questions for me and the Graveyard Press readers.

GYP:  I know there is a lot involved in setting up these things. Is it something you are doing by yourself, or do you have others assisting?
Traveler MacPhee: There is a group ofsix that came together for this endeavor. Myself (Sir Traveler Asura-MacPhee), Madame X, Finna Beruthiel DeElf, Herr Wulfsunus, Asif Murad & Blueeyesoulfof Ra Horakhty

GYP: It seems like a lot or work went into developing this idea.  I was wondering if you would talk to us a little about where you got the idea to create the Iron Garden Court?

Traveler MacPhee: Building a Court for NJ was something that I had in the back of my head for a few years now. I’ve spoken with Madame X before about it but time ran away from me, and daily life took priority. That thought stuck in the back of my head started poking again, and this time I saw that I wasn’t the only one. I spoke with a couple people (one of which was Madame X again) and decided that I wanted to make this idea a reality. So along with the individuals I spoke of earlier, we set out to build what we have now.


GYP:  Why a new court at all? You are very close to the court of Lazarus and Gotham.
Traveler MacPhee:  I am indeed close to Gotham Halo; I even have close ties because my Family (House Sabretooth MacPhee) is a  Gotham based Household. But as a New Jersey resident, sometimes it is easier to attend something local and a  little closer to home. I know that with my dayside schedule being what it is, it is difficult for me to get out to NYC as much as I would like. This was a way to give that option to those who live in NJ.

GYP:  Is there a king and queen like in some courts, or is it set up with a Regent instead?
Traveler MacPhee:  There is no king or queen; we have tried to steer clear of titles that would give off the assumption of holding supreme “power” over others. We do however have a Host. And the name is self explanatory. The Host serves as the MC and sets up the proceedings of the event; promotes the event and ensures that the night runs according to schedule.

GYP:  Is your Master Fang Smith the Leader/ Host of the group like in other places?
Traveler MacPhee:  No, Horror Show Jack is a supporter of this endeavor and is sharing his talents with us as the resident fang smith.

GYP:  Your website says that in order to be a Citizen of the court, you have to be from, or work in New Jersey. Does this mean outsiders are not welcome at events?

Traveler MacPhee :  Not at all. You can be what are called an Honorary Citizen, which allows you all the rights and privileges that citizenship entails even if you do not live in or work in NJ.

GYP: A lot of courts in the past were fairly exclusive for vampires, is this one different and if so why?
Traveler MacPhee:  We are open to all night kind be it Vamp, Therian or Otherkin. We are also open to Black Swans, Witches and scholars alike. We do this because it is not our intention to exclude anyone. There is enough segregation going on, we do not wish to perpetuate this cycle. If you are of open mind and respectful to others and the paths they subscribe to, you are welcome here.

GYP: Your website says you have a strict no “negativity and hostility” statement, have there been issues with other courts?

Traveler MacPhee:   No there haven’t been “issues” with other Courts. There are individuals that have their own concerns, but to say whole Courts have issues with us is a stretch. The no negativity and hostility  environment means that this gathering is to be neutral ground; a haven of sorts. It would be foolish of me to say that we want everyone to love each other. You may not like a person, but we expect there to be some civility and respect within the walls of the court.

GYP: What is the Iron Garden code of good conduct?
Traveler MacPhee:  We have what is called The Seven Gates. This is a basic code of conduct that we ask our citizens to follow.  Haven, Law, Diversity, Unity, Respect, Accountability and Journey. In a nutshell it’s about respect. Respect the venue, respect laws of the state, respect yourself and one another. With a 21 and over code, everyone is an adult and we expect that everyone acts as such.

GYP:  In the past some courts have only allowed Houses. I see you are more inclusive in that regard. However, if a House leader is in the Court, does that mean the House members are as well?
Traveler MacPhee:  If a House leader wishes to bring in their house, clan, order or what have you; they can do so. Also, house members can become citizens, but full house participation is not mandatory.

GYP:  How often does the Court meet, and when is your first-time event?

Traveler MacPhee  We meet once a month, typically the third Friday at QXT’s in Newark. Our first event will be on January 30th, 2015

GYP: One last question, who designed your ‘Iron Garden’ symbol and is there history behind it? It is really well done.
Traveler MacPhee:  We went through a couple of ideas but we decided on the design done by Miss LaRue (member of HoTD) and finishing touches added by Asif Murad. The metallic (iron-like) look to the IG represents our “ironclad” commitment to provide a safe haven to all within the NJ nighkind community.


I was honored to be allowed to conduct this interview Sir Traveler Asura-MacPhee  and I want to thank him publicly for taking the time to answer my questions.
There are a lot of people who talk about doing things in this community, but not as many are willing to actually do it as opposed to simply talking about it, or complaining at those who are willing to step up. I congratulate the members of this Court for their effort and desire to bring this court to life, and provide the safe haven for the New Jersey vampire scene.


More information about the Iron Garden Court can be found at or on Facebook


By Deacon Gray

GYP © 2014 DecKid facepalm Black and White

It’s the holiday season and Christmas cheer is abound.  No better display of the Christian path can be displayed than the ones seen on Luciferians groups all over facebook.
“Satanic worshipers???? You shouldn’t be allowed to be on Facebook”.-FB post Charlene Kennedy
“You’ve Lost the battle. Jesus Wins. Read the book.”-FB Post Marilyn Covington

“Accepted Jesus into your heart and allow the darkness to be washed away by his light!”-FB Post Jason Hagans
“Let the angels of the Lord carry you from this abomination! Just like the beautiful angels bible says about.” –Rev Joan

Intrigued by such comments I decided to try to contact some of the people who had sent such wonderful season’s greetings.  Oddly enough, not many replied back for some reason. It seems making nasty posts to Facebook…I mean holiday greetings, weren’t something people wanted to share with a larger community.

I was beaten, I had given up hope on finding one of these holiday well wishers, when a Christmas Miracle took place I found someone who agreed to speak to me about her faith and why she feels that Luciferians deserve to be harassed by “Good Christian Women”

Not wishing to be harassed herself, she asked that her name be withheld from the article, so I decided to give her a anonymous name, she agree to. So starts my interview with Lady Lilitu,

GYP: Lady Lilitu, are you certain you are ok with this anonymous name?

LL “Yes, I always liked the name Lilith, it reminds me of that pretty dark haired bartender on “Cheers”

GYP:  Nice, would you tell us all a little about yourself?

LL: Certainly, I’m a life time member of my church, a home garden enthusiast and full time grandmother.”

GYP: Lady Lilitu, I found you because you posted on a few Luciferians groups, and I have to say those posts seemed pretty aggressive. “Spreading your satanic lies is a monstrosity! If you want to burn hell, that’s your choice, but don’t Sheppard the innocent with your filthy lies!”-Lady Lilitu

LL: There are a lot of young people who visit these sights out of curiosity. That’s pretty normal, but their hearts have not been hardened against the sweet lies of the damned. It is far too easy for young ones to hear these messages and have doubt creep into their hearts. They ears are plugged with the wax of  Satan’s own busy bees.
If they don’t have the chance to hear The Word, than it is all good Christians obligations to sing gods good graces.

GYP: Do you honestly feel that being mean on a facebook site will draw the innocent? Has it been successful for you?

LL:  I say hard things with love in my heart. Jesus said “god helps those who help themselves, but blessed are those who speak to my children”

GYP: could you tell me what line and verse that’s from? It seems like a mash up of a phrase from Shakespeare and a misquote from Luke.

LL: The Lord knows my heart, that’s all that matters.

GYP: wouldn’t he also know the hearts of the Luciferians and in knowing them have the sole place to judge them? “Judge not least you be judged, and so by your judgments shall you also be judged.”

LL: that is a urban legend, Jesus never said that. He spoke against the sinners, and told them not to sin anymore

GYP: Matthew 7:1-3 KJV Judge not, that ye be not judged.

For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

LL: If you want to misquote the bible to me, we can end this interview young man!


And sadly the interview did end right there. Lilitu, or Lilith mother of Demons, felt the interview was “a trap set by the Lord of The Flies”, and that she was fairly certain that I wasn’t a real Deacon.

I assured I was indeed Deacon Gray, and that the Lord of The Flies was a novel by William Golding, who I am certain wasn’t setting a trap for her. She declined to respond further.

Before you all start getting up in arms please remember a few things. This Lady Lilitu, yes I was mean in tricking her to use the name of a supposed demon, wasn’t at heart a Christian as much as she was a Christian at Ego.

Good people and bad can be found in any faith. Nasty people are in every community. I have friends who are Christians who have as much if not more understanding of the bible than most of those who you have heard of on TV or Radio and they abhor the direction some people take Jesus’ words and ideals. I also know some Luciferians who think the whole path is based on the idea of getting them laid.

In the end it is the holiday season, and no matter what faith you follow please try to remember kindness. Eat Drink and be Merry, for as Jesus said…”I’m totally hanging at Baccus` house on New Year’s Eve dude! He has kicken pad in Denver!”



Exploring a Wicked Wonderland

The Redd Queen

By Deacon Gray
copyright March 2013

Let the “Deadmau5” and “Dreams an’ Stuff” of this world come and go; there can be little doubt that the Wicked Wonderland Empire is the premier mind-blower dark industrial psychedelica promotion ensemble of our time. The small city entertainment group originating in Boise, Idaho blew up at venues like “Contour” and “Stir” in Seattle, Washington Friday nights, and wove a cold program of multimedia perfection, with wicked people and a coloring book.

I caught up with “The Redd Queen” Ginger Christainsen between performances with her band the “Lithium Dolls” and with an excited look on her face that reminds me at once of a dangerous Lolita wearing spikes and lace, she settles in for the serious moment. “I’m sure you have questions, but I’m bohemian at heart, always have been, and the wicked come first tonight!”

She retreats to the stage, her bright red hair and baby girl red dress drawing the eyes of the crowd.  The group comes together and jumps right into ‘Psychosexual’. The crowd reacts in a frenzy as The Redd Queen moans passionately on stage, and I know for certain I am in for something new.

Maybe it was the reference to Bohemia, maybe it was the bright attire that seemed to mix insanity with sexuality, but for whatever reason I suddenly felt like I was going to see Jim Morrison or Timothy Leery walk into the room.

Ginger steps out of wonderland for a moment and sits back down at my table after the show; she blushingly smiles at me again. “It’s a good night.”

She would know. Wicked Wonderland has been running parties and club nights for 12 years, has branched out in many other cities, and continues to grow. Trying to explain what Wicked Wonderland  is to someone who has never been to the event is a bit like trying to explain what a particular color looks like to someone who is blind–to truly understand this event, you must participate.

With events like “Blood Bath” and the more mainstream events like the Clockwork Carnival, Wicked Wonderland has built a reputation for freaky, dark, industrial fun.  The Big news, however is that on May 1st, the first compilation album from their new record label will be available for sale.


TRQ: In a few short weeks bands on the label will have songs on the radio & in clubs internationally.


DG: Is that your focus for the future? I know Wicked Wonderland has always seemed to have a lot of projects under way, are you narrowing your focus to music?


TRQ: Doing the record label was just another part of a larger focus of creating a dark subcultural community that is step away from old labels (personal labels that is, such as just being goth or emo or what have you), old scene habits, elitism, and cattiness in order to move forward toward something that is more inclusive, artistic, and respectful.

With the record label we are featuring artists that are truly creating art with their own sound & soul to help embody the voice of this movement. As we continue to add bands to the label, we will be looking for more of exactly that, artistic, painful, seductive, unique, twisted, beautiful.




DG: That sounds complex, but what makes it any better than other events?


TRQ: It is at heart the Ideal of being in love with beauty, art, adventure, and all things unusual that I’ve always run Wicked Wonderland. As I continue on building this empire, these are still the things that drive me on. When people come to a Wicked Wonderland event, they are not going to “another show” they are going to Burning Man, they are rolling in on their Harley Davidson to Sturgis they are having an experience.


DG: That is a pretty big goal. Those events took years to build and had a solid location; your events hit venues all over the west coast.


TRQ:  We are building a community where each individual brings their own unique flair to the army that is Wicked Wonderland; a community based on respect, compassion, unconventional tastes, & fun. I think each community, each city brings its own vital beauty to the events, each new place that holds a Wicked Wonderland event adds its own piece of Wonder Land history.


DG: Being spread out all over must have a lot challenges. How do you keep up?


TRQ: I have a lot of help. With friends like T’Rina and DJ’s like Bones, who are willing to invest a lot of their own time and energy into the events, I never feel like I have too much on my plate, I feel like I am surrounded by some of the most amazing friends a Red Queen could want. I wish I could never everyone who helps me out, the other Queen’s, each one of the Band members, the great Wicked Wonderland army of fellow dreamers, artists and creative souls, but if I started I would leave one of them out somewhere and the Wicked Wonderland Empire isn’t about any one of us anyway.


I think when you really think about it, we are all just the same people we were as kids. Remember how amazing our dreams were about the future back in those days when we hung out at the park? I never stopped dreaming, I never stopped seeing the wonder, and I don’t think I am the only one. The friends of the Wonderlanders have proven that really.



Please visit the home sites to find out what event is coming next!


Russian Vampires

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Graveyard Press – Feb 2012

By Deacon Gray

I don’t think Russia will follow the United States way. I don’t think Russia will follow the French way. I’m sure Russia will find its own way.
Anatoly Chubais

Much has changed in Russia since 1985.  Downtown some of the major cities has the flair of better known shopping districts like New York and Paris. The severe anti-religious policies of the Stalin years have been reversed. In 1990 a law on religious freedom was passed, and militant atheism was dropped from the Communist Party platform. Churches have begun to open, and even some of that well-known Russian pessimism isn’t as pervasive as it once was.

Still, in the middle of a country where change is imposed from above instead of rising from the populace, entrepreneurism is only begrudgingly accepted. Russians are more likely to be cautious and conservative defenders of the status quo. Russia’s cruel climate and harsh history has promoted values like stability, security, social order, and predictability. The tried and tested is preferred over the new and unknown. Perhaps with this in mind you can see why it is difficult to imagine a young Vampire community spreading its wings.

Yet, that is exactly what has happened. Perhaps it is the next generation; perhaps it is the budding of a Russian flower of individual growth. Perhaps it just took time for the warm Russian family center to develop within a community of outsiders that now call themselves the Russian Vampire Community (Ru. VC). Representing the Ru. VC “DarkFess” joins us today and we are pleased to introduce him to the general Vampire community, and perhaps learn a little about his community as well.

GYP: Hello DarkFess and welcome.

DarkFess: Good day.

I’m glad I’m here. Pleasantly surprised that there is a place where we can discuss and resolve some issues on the international level. Our community has been looking for cooperation with our foreign friends, whose experience and knowledge helped us so much. I’ll [be] glad to represent Russian Vampire Community (Ru. VC)
Sorry for my English. Sometimes my posts are probably difficult to read. 


GYP: Don’t worry about your posts, they make sense. Will you tell us a little more about how you became aware that you are a vampire?
DarkFess:  I awoke when I was around eighteen years old. I was in self denial and this caused me to live somewhat of a hollow existence. There really wasn’t a lot of information in Russian in which to turn. It’s a long story. As result, I just realized that if I want [to] feel myself, I regularly need blood

GYP: How long have you been active in the Vampire Community?

DarkFess:  In my country (I was born in Ukraine), the Internet only appeared in 1995. So there wasn’t a lot of information out there. Just 4 years ago nobody ever heard the word “sanguinarian”.  I wanted to know more so I founded our community and organized a company to translate articles on “vampire websites” It was difficult knowing what was real. Some discussed the mythical vampires, others pretended they were on one and another “side” in some kind of a war, but they were just trolls and we exposed them.

GYP: Was it hard to develop the community around you with such limited information?

DarkFess:  At first was hard. Fight with ignorance is very difficult. When community just opened, due to influx of poseurs and trolls we had, we had to declare open war on them.

GYP: Open War? I take it you mean you confronted the people who were spreading ignorant statements with real vampire education?

DarkFess:  Yes, fight with ignorance is very difficult. There has been a range of promotional activities from our side. We reached out to others and formed  more favorable impression.

GYP: How do you describe yourself with your local community?

DarkFess:  Well, I’m founder of the Community, and respected member of the community. All the initiatives and the first attempts were on my side. But I have my inspirations, and a strong team that helped me. Together, we created our community and support it now. We manage and make all decisions concerning our current issues and future development. We have no autocracy, everyone is included in community administration – has the same voting power.


GYP: Would you feel safe in coming out as a vampire, pagan or otherkin in your country?
DarkFess:  Yes, why not? But there are misunderstandings that do not help. I do not see any reason to scream and beat fist in chest, to declare to all about identifying yourself as vampire. No, we are not in the shade but not on stage too. We are just here. People come to us themselves. So far, so good.

GYP: You run a website for Russian Vampires, would you tell us a little about it, and why you brought it into being?
DarkFess:  The main purpose was to help those who are awakening. I remember how it was hard for me when my awakening began. Even just a little friendly advice would be enough to help, but there was no one to give such advice.  Also, I created our community because analogues to English speaking websites in Russian-speaking Internet did not exist. This place has become oasis for people like me.

GYP: What was your earliest exposure to the online vampire community?
DarkFess:  The first time I found a site in 2004, but due to technical difficulties the internet (it was  dial-up) I didn`t register. I registered on VCMB only in 2008. How do I find it? To be honest – by chance and even then I was surprised how much this structure was organized.

GYP: Is your community inclusive with pagans and otherkin?

DarkFess:  Yes, for this we have created our Community, for support and understanding. We have good relations with otherkin and others.

GYP: Is there a divide between Psi Vampires and Sang Vampires in your community? Do they get along well?
DarkFess:  No, no we do not have divisions. I read the articles about the possible conflict between the Sang and Psi, but truly I do not understand how this could be.

GYP:How do your friends and family feel about your beliefs?

DarkFess:  Only a close circle of people knows about it, just a couple of friends and my wife. They are fine with it.

GYP: In the USA, there are often issues with finding suitable donors, are there significant feeding issues you deal with?

DarkFess:  No more than any other sang. My Wife is my donor so I don’t have any problems with feeding.

GYP: Would you describe your communities take on vampirism as being similar too, or different from those you see on line from other countries? What makes your community unique?

DarkFess:  Our community message board is similar to, we built it using their experience and achievements. Our local community is different. We are starting new.

GYP: In the USA, we have had scholars such as Joseph Laylock, and more recently D.J. Williams write about real vampires, and conduct some minor research with in their fields at University. Do you have any one like this in Russia?
DarkFess:  Nope. Nothing of this level. Community is still new and developing.

GYP: Do you think Science will discover what we are and find proof of Vampire needs?
DarkFess: I think it’s inevitable.

GYP: Have you read the AVA Vampire Surveys? If so do you think it is moving in the right direction for scientific discovery?

DarkFess:  Of course I read it. Moreover, they are fully translated into Russian. Based on the experience of the AVA, and taking as the basis of their achievements, we have finalized them for ourselves. In 2011, “Research Center of Vampire Community” was opened, which offers everyone an opportunity to complete a questionnaire based on the original VEWRS/AVEWRS model by Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC. The answers are recorded in the general statistical database, and the results are published for free public access. I think that this is the right direction.

GYP: Again I want to thank you for allowing us to conduct this interview and I do hope you will share more with us as time goes on. It has been a rare pleasure to have a guest from Russia and a real eye opener as to your culture, and I expect to see durability and resiliency from the Russian Vampire Community, in the future, traits we have come to expect from your country and people. I was also pleased to see that you have been invited into the VVC

Darkfess: I’m glad to be part of VVC. This is a great honor for me and for our community. Of course. For us, this move is something like the integration into the global VC. I hope that our cooperation will be successful. For me and our community is certainly big step forward. I’m glad to be here, to personally communicate with those whose articles we translated into Russian language for the last 5 years. We have quite a long time trying to find common ground with our foreign friends. I look forward to future.

Vampires, Black Friday, and Kids in Need

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Vampires, Black Friday, and Kids in Need.

Even if you’re not a part of the Vampire/Otherkin community, this is a great event. I do hope that those of you stumbling onto our page for the first time will consider helping this worthy cause.

Briefly: view the videos, vote and comment on your favorite, and $1 will be donated to a toy drive. And those funds will be matched.